Running 655km
for takayna rainforest

In November 2021, two amateur trail runners -  Giles & Matt - began running the 650+ km traverse of the Australian wilderness.


Passing through three different states, our route, infamously known as the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT), took us through pristine nature and challenged us beyond measure.


With a professional camera and support crew, we documented our journey for two inextricably connected reasons:

1. To raise awareness of the beauty of Australia's wilderness and the need to protect it, and to inspire a greater care for our planet.

2. To raise funds for The Bob Brown Foundation, a non-profit critically fighting to preserve takayna / the Tarkine - a Tasmanian rainforest of exceptional beauty and conservational value which is in extreme danger of total destruction through logging and mining.

Interested in helping out with 655fortakayna, or becoming a financial partner?

Please send us an email at: