takayna logging_edited.jpg

Photo: The Bob Brown Foundation

Help us save takayna 

One place of staggering beauty and value is takayna in Tasmania. Australia’s largest temperate rainforest, takayna is a final bastion for many endangered species including the Tasmanian Devil, one of Australia’s richest Aboriginal cultural landscapes, an essential carbon storehouse, and an incredibly rare gem of natural intactness. It is almost unheard of for people to visit takayna and not feel a sense of awe and belonging to the land. 

Whilst takayna was found to be of ‘outstanding heritage value’, it has not been elevated to the National Heritage List by the Federal Government. The reason is simple. 95% of takayna is open to mining leases, and 86% is currently threatened by logging. Considering the current climate crisis, these numbers are staggering to say the least. However, there is hope. The Bob Brown Foundation is one such beacon of light that gives a voice to, and fights for the livelihood of, takayna.

We are running to raise funds for the Bob Brown Foundation - to help continue its fight to save takayna - in the desperate hope that future generations can continue to experience, connect and explore our interdependence with such a place of natural biodiversity, beauty and wonder.