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Our Film:
655 running to save takayna 


The Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) is the oldest and toughest long-distance trail in the country. 655km long, it follows the ridge-line of the Great Dividing Range from Melbourne to Canberra, leading adventurers through some of the most harsh, remote, and breathtaking wilderness on the continent. This is the story of two friends setting out to run the AAWT – a feat only ever achieved a handful of times – to raise awareness of takayna; a beautiful and critically endangered rainforest in Tasmania. Through devastating storms and injuries, these men are pushed to their absolute limits, hit rock-bottom, and rebound stronger and more determined than ever. All to help save takayna and showcase the beauty of the Australian wilderness like it never has been before.


The Runners

United by a love for running and a passion for protecting our wild places, a corporate lawyer and digital content creator leave their laptops behind to set out on an epic adventure. They are horrified by the ongoing destruction of takayna and so decide they must take things into their own hands. Terrified by the impossibility of running the AAWT, the two start their journey united by a common cause. 16 days later, they will finish the greatest challenge of their lives with a lasting friendship and even stronger determination to fight for our natural world… because we all have a role to play in protecting this planet.
the runners



Our film aims to promote environmental conservation by inspiring outdoors experiences. Essential running elements of the film are punctuated by beautiful natural landscapes which combine to draw out a greater story of human endurance and connection to our natural world.