Giving back to the future
of Australian wilderness


The principal actor standing in the way of takayna’s irrevocable destruction is the Bob Brown Foundation. A grassroots campaigner, their continued occupation of critical rainforest has seen logging efforts prevented for 4 years running. They also continue to educate and raise awareness about ecological conservation, and frequently challenge the granting of new mining leases with high rates of success.

We hope to use our run and film to help raise awareness and fundraise for the Bob Brown Foundation’s continued efforts to protect takayna.

If you believe in our mission, or are inspired by the importance of takayna and our wilderness areas, please consider donating. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the money raised will be going towards the Bob Brown Foundation's continued fight to protect these special places.

More information about the Bob Brown Foundation and its takayna / Tarkine campaign can be found at: 


Photo: The Bob Brown Foundation


Joining the cause

Running the AAWT will be the greatest challenge of our lives to date. It excites us, but equally terrifies us...

We hope you can support our mission by donating what you can, and sharing our cause with your friends and family. 

By ourselves, we are just two young men running across the mountains... but together - we are a movement. 

Please join us on our mission to help save takayna.