Running & Filming
the AAWT

Photo: Joshua Hibbert

The Australian Alps Walking Track

(...except we're running it)

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The AAWT is arguably Australia’s most challenging long-distance trail. It begins in the foothills of Baw Baw National Park, two hours’ drive from Melbourne, and passes over Victoria’s tallest mountain ranges before traversing into NSW’s remote wilderness areas on its way to the finish line, just 30 minutes' drive from Canberra.

The AAWT is a rite of passage for the most daring and experienced Australian hikers - there’s a reason only a handful of individuals have completed the route in one go. The fastest known time (FKT) was completed in 2019 and sits at 11 days and 9 hours. Our goal isn’t to break the FKT, but we do hope to add our names to this list of inspiring adventurers.

Total water consumed = 200 litres

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Flights of stairs climbed
= 10,000 (sore calves anyone?)


Total steps = 1.3 million (get your 10,000 steps a day in folks!)​

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Calories burned = 200,000


Our Mission

There is something in our modern lives that worries us deeply. Climate crises, activist fatigue, and perhaps more fundamentally – a jarring disconnect between people and Mother Earth.

We work, live and breathe in concrete jungles, and in doing so we lose a part of ourselves. Never has there been more of a disjoint between humanity and nature. It’s clear in every facet of our lives: the way we do business, how we power our homes, how we eat – the list goes on and on. We want to start a conversation and fix this disconnect; one person at a time.


This run – this mission – is a journey of our reconnection to country, to the wilderness. By creating a film following our AAWT traverse, we hope to share that journey of reconnection with you. To share the beauty of our wilderness areas. To share how important it is we maintain these places; not only for us, but for all those that come after us. And ultimately, to share how you too can begin to reconnect with nature, our planet, and your true self.

Meet the Team



Matt has been trail-running since he stumbled across the mountains while living in Milan. Connecting to the wilderness, and the ability to explore the world on his own two feet, are something that he has built his life around since. Running the AAWT has been a dream of his for many years now, and he’s so excited that this greatest challenge has finally arrived.



Giles first discovered trail-running the hard way, signing up for a 48km race with 3 weeks of training. Those miserable 8 hours taught him a hell of a lot about himself and sparked real curiosity about how we connect with the natural world. It's no secret our planet is severely under threat, and to him, running the AAWT is a means to help wild landscapes like takayna.


Ji Yoon is a colourful writer-director who considers all storytelling to be a worship to the human soul. They are an AFTRS graduate who has been invited by industry professionals to offer their cultural and creative insights across development work for film and television. They’re excited to use their creative eye to capture a truly unforgettable experience across the AAWT and are grateful for the team with a dream!



From an early age, Steve has been revolving around filmmaking, documenting life around him, creating memories and creating meaningful connections with people. Steve is a crew member, an editor, sound designer and colourist with over 5 years experience. This experience drives him to improve production quality time and time again, adapting to new and exciting stories to be told. He's excited to go on the AAWT journey and create meaningful content with heart and soul.


Experienced cyclist, fledgling runner, and life-time fan of the outdoors. While we're at it, you can add photographer, videographer, director, editor, and all-round making-things-look-good guru. Ben's passion is not only experiencing the wild in all forms, but sharing that experience with others.



Mitchell is well known for his creative flair and originality in narrative storytelling. This passion he has for the industry enables him to show his perspective of the world through his eyes and camera. With over 5 years of cinematography experience, and combined with his love of the outdoors, his passion for the AAWT project has become all the more endearing.